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Dental Smile

Caring for your teeth properly is the best way to ensure lasting dental health. Valley Ranch Dental focuses on preventative care to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our dentist and hygienists offer quality preventative care that is personalized to the unique needs of patients of all ages. 


Every patient’s dental health needs and goals are unique. The specific treatments that are recommended may vary depending on the age of the patient, our evaluation of your teeth and gums, and any issues that may be detected during our examination. Our main goal is to help each patient access the care they need to maintain excellent oral health and avoid dental problems.

At Valley Ranch Dental, we provide preventative care in Irving, TX that is tailored to the needs, goals, and budget of each patient. Most dental insurance covers preventative care. We offer personalized service and tailored treatment to help you get the care you need and maximize your dental insurance coverage. 

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